Raptor 125 Carb. Mod.

 Project Quad

The Raptor 125 Carb is a vacuum operated slide type carb - it uses vacuum from the intake to open the slide when the throtle butterfly is opened.

One of the first steps in building more power is the give the engine more air.

The problem comes when you remove the airbox lid (or any other modification that gives it more air) will lower the intake vacuum - now the slide will not open all the way and will open slower.

First thing we do is modify the slide so it is compatable with the lower intake vacuum so the slide can open as it should.

Next we rejet the carb.

To have us do this - just fill out our shipping form and send in with carb anytime.

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Just a little more info on this carb - if you do all the flow tests on this quad - it is already to big a carb for this engine - so dont be to excited about installing a larger carb.

This carb actually works very well on this engine if it is tunes correctly.