Please note: We are not a bank, we do not finance your hobbies.

When you send in your shocks, engine or etc. for service - we expect to be paid in a hassle free manner.

If we have to make multiple phone calls to collect or if you give us a credit card for payment that is no good - there will be a $25.00 service charge addeed to your order.

Personal checks are fine but we will need a copy of your drivers license, your SS number, and the phone number of you bank.




Instructions:  Print out this form, fill in all the information, and place this form in the box with your shocks. 

Ship to:  GT Thunder, 6748 TR 630 , Millersburg, OH  44654   

All parts are for performance use and as such carry no warranty of any kind. All returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee. All special order products are non-returnable. All credits are applied to future purchases only - no refunds of any kind will be issued. 

Return Address and Information:

Name:             _______________________________________________________________

Sponsored Rider Acct #_____________ 

Address:            ______________________________________________________________                       

City:                __________________________State: ______ Zip:_______________________ 

Phone:             __________________________   

Credit card #________________________________________________________________

Exp. Date_________________  Security Code________________

Model:             __________________________  Type Riding:            ______________________ 

A-arm Length& Brand              __________________________ 

Swingarm Length&Brand _____________________________

Rider Weight: _________________________ 

Front Tires:            _____________________ 

Rear Tires:            _____________________ 

Please list here the service that you would like us to perform and any additional notes you may have for us__________