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HLS Exclusive Service Contract:

We cover all worn out parts and provide you with the latest updates all at no charge to you.

There only 2 things you need to do to Qualify:

1. Have your HLS shocks serviced here at G T Thunder at least once every 6 months at normal retail rates.

2. Have your quad setup within our suspension setup specifications the entire time. You must submit your setup specs at the start of the contract period.


Q: Do we need to buy them new from you??

A: No - you can buy used shocks - you simply need to send them to us for service and let us help you with the initial setup on your quad and then you get the same service contract as anyone buying new shocks from us.

No Longer Available

Please see Maul_Tech_ATV for new GTS shocks and parts or BNR_Motorsports for parts and service of HLS shocks and GTSshocks






Critical Notes:

Many A arm companies realy dont care how everything fits - they just want to sell a arms and dont want to hear from you again - That is the exact quote from one major manufacturer.

Please check all clearance when installing your shocks and if someone else installs them for you please check everything your self before you ride it.

We will gladly help you get your shocks and a arms to work together for you.

We use only the longest life heim joints in our shocks to give you the best quality available - be sure to remove the upper and lower shock bushings and oil the heim joint to make sure it is moving freely every few races or rides.