G T Thunder has been custom building front shocks since 1991. It all started during engine testing and realizing the shocks needed adjusting before we could continue engine testing.

We have been fortunate to be able to work with and learn from some of the top riders on ATVs and motorcycles. We have also been fortunate to have riders win many championships on our shocks and custom tuned stock suspension - from ATV XC Pro, ATV MX Pro - to Top riders at Lorretta Lynns Amateur MX Nationals.

We dont always know what you need but are willing to listen to your needs and help you meet them.

GT Thunder Custom Shocks - GTS

Now Handled by Maul Tech ATV

See below the shock list for more shock info. 

Model Location Price Purchase
250F - Piggy Back Front $895.00  
250F - Pro S### Front $1095.00  
250F Rear $1095.00  
Rear GT Swingarm - 15.25" Rear $495.00 - $895.00
400EX - 16" Front $495 - $895.00
450R G T Thunder Gen 1 A arms - 16" Front $495 - $1095.00
450R Stock A arms, G T Thunder Gen 2 A arms, ATV 4 Play - 16.25" Front $495.00 - $1095.00
450R GT Long Travel A arms, Houser MGC - 19" Front $895.00 - $1095.00
Raptor 90 Shock GT Swingarm - 15.25" Rear $495.00 - $895.00
Raptor 125 Shocks - 13.875" Front $495.00 - $895.00
Raptor 125 Shock - 15.25" Rear $695.00 - $895.00
Raptor 250 Shocks - 14.375" Front $495.00 - $895.00
Blaster - 14.5" Front $495.00 - $895.00
Banshee - 14.75" Front $495.00 - $895.00
Many More - this page under construction      

Several things about G T Thunder shocks - They all include High flow pistons - please note - there is more then one kind of high flow piston - we have different ones to meet several different riding conditions to help get the compression and rebound curves to meet your needs.

Front shocks are available with many different options to fit most applications.

Rear shocks are available for select machines - again with many different options.

Our goal is always to get you a shock that you can simply bolt on and you are ready to ride.

Warranty: G T Thunder Custom shocks are the best in the industry and as such also have the best warranty in the industry - Full lifetime warranty to the original purchaser as long as they are setup correctly and serviced by G T Thunder every 6 months.

Basic Shock Stickers: This is for 2 stickers for the top of G T Thunder Basic Shocks. Please note - these stickers are included at no charge when we service your shocks. These will be mailed to you......................................................................$10.00  
Replacement tender springs: These fit HLS shocks, GT Custom shocks, Works front shocks, and many other front shocks. They are 3 inches long. These are available in several spring rates.