G T THUNDER  2013 Basic Resume

This form must be filled out and mailed in with your resume if you have one, or it can be sent in by its self.  

For best results - Please submit by mail to: G T Thunder , 6748 TR 630, Millersburg, OH 44654

Personal Information:

Name:             _______________________________________________________________________________ 

Address:            ______________________________________________________________________________                       

City:                __________________________State: ______ Zip:_______________________ 

Phone:             __________________________   

Email Address:      ___________________________________________________________________

2012 Sponsorship Account Number     _________________  

Type of Quad:             __________________________  Type Riding:            ______________________   

Racing Information:

Series Raced:    _______________________________________________________________________

Events Raced per Year:     _______________________________________________________________

Class Raced in 2012:     ________________________________________________________________

Class to be raced in 2013:     ____________________________________________________________

Any other information you would like to include:     _________________________________



                                                                (continue on back if needed)

We would love to have a picture if you have one!  We look forward to supporting you in the 2013 race season!