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Race Quad Setup and Maintnance

Below is a start on building a GNCC race ready quad and how to maintain it. This is a work in progress at this point so bare with me and dont be afraid to ask questions. I will address your questions here on this page for all to see.


Also read on down for more info on differant product and how it can help or hurt your racing.

Air Filters:

  Most of the engine damage I see is from the engine sucking in dirty water or dust. Dust is by far the worst. A properly cleaned air filter will not stop dust!!

Only the correct type of air filter with the correct filter oil will both stop dust and promote good airflow.

What is the correct type of air filter??

A foam air filter made from course foam. (Stock or Uni in most applications)

What is the correct oil??

Maxima Fab1

You can stop reading here – the rest is just more to support this.

For the K&N filter lovers – a dry K&N filter will outflow a foam filter but will not stop the dust. I have a ring here that was run in one dusty Moto – less than 10 minutes on it – totally worn out. A K&N that is heavily oiled will stop more dust but not as well as a good setup and seriously restricts airflow and horsepower.

Air filter oil – most oil go on heavy and bridge the gaps in the filter limiting airflow and horsepower – if you squeeze them out – they no longer bridge the gap but then the oil is not sticky enough to stop the dust.

Maxima Fab1 goes on as thin as water coating all surfaces and any extra runs out – it then quickly dries to a sticky mess that dust sticks to instead of passing thru into the engine.

Below check list is for 2010 YFZ450X

Quad Build/Prep Checklist

Training Journal