YFZ450R Install

24 Lithium Ion Battery kits - $150.00.

This includes a Lithium Ion Battery, with a quick connect on it, a quick connect installed in your starter cable, and a jumper clip for normal 12 volt operation.

Available for most ATVs.

YFZ450R, YFZ450X, TRX450R, Raptor250, Raptor125, TRX400EX, Raptor700, and many more.

The best way we have found to charge it is with a power supply charger. We will sell them with a quick connect clip to match the clip on the battery.  $250.00

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We have been installing 24 volt starter systems since 2004. We initially used these 24 volt kits to start our stroker motors. Since then we have started using Lithium Ion battery packs as the secondary battery for much smaller 24 volt kits. While we have never had a problem with one during a race - the potential still exists. With this in mind and for convenience in charging the battery - we choose to install a quick connect clip in the starter cable with an additional jumper clip for all ATV operations other then the race. This setup also allows you to keep the secondary battery fully charged for the start of the race. The The secondary battery needs to be charged between races as the charging system does not charge that one.

We suggest to stick with the stock battery for the primary battery.

Lithium Ion Battery Info:

Lithium Ion batteries are used in many applications including cell phones lap tops and etc. While they require less care then a NiCad battery they still have a few interesting traits. The cell phones and other applications have special charging circuits that help maintain the proper charge of the batteries and show that the battery is dead and turn off the accessory before the voltage drops below the critical point for the battery.

Lithium Ion Batteries are being used more and more in both motorcycle and ATV applications. They bring a new set of challenges to the table that many are not familiar with. 

One issue is that they need to stay dry. 

Another issue is that they have a very narrow operating voltage. If you draw these batteries down below 8 volts during engine cranking - the battery pack can be damaged. It is important to keep the battery pack fully charged to avoid this problem. Over charging beyond 14.5 volts can also cause damage.

Once a battery is damaged it can over heat and cause a fire very easily. They should never be charged anywhere close to anything combustible such as a wood workbench or an ATV unless closely supervised at all times.

Proper charging also takes special equipment and special care. The best way we have found is to use an adjustable power supply. The first 60% or so of the battery capacity is reached in 5 minutes or so with the voltage set at 14.5 volts. The final 40% or so of the battery capacity is only reached after extended charging at .1 or .2 amps with the power supply set at 14.5 volts.

Proper load testing of each battery pack is recommended on a regular basis to verify that no damage has been caused to the battery pack.

They also have a much lower output when cold.

With proper care they work very well. On a normal ATV charging system like a 400EX they need almost no care as the stock charging system works very well at keeping it charged.